Canute Group increases profits with rear axle mechanical steering system from Tridec a member of JOST-World

The Canute Group is one of the UK's fastest growing distribution and logistics providers, managing the global supply chains for customers around the world. Due to restriction in space at the loading areas of one of its long term contracts, a national high street retailer, smaller trailers had to be used which was leading to high frequency of deliveries. By specifying Tridec steering systems on two new 45 foot vehicles, Canute was able to solve the access issues and improve efficiency for its cus-tomer.

Canute Haulage was first established in 1977 as a regional delivery ser-vice for local builders; however, because of its commitment to providing a reliable and efficient service it quickly grew into a global logistics sup-plier with offices and partners located all over the world. The Canute Group now has a presence in over 50 countries and is one of the fastest growing, global supply chain providers operating today. One of the rea-sons for the company's success is its determination to offer the best ser-vice possible to all of its customers, which is why it invests in keeping its fleet up to date with the latest technologies.

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