JOST 5th wheel helps to keep custom Scania T-Cab in showroom condition

A customised Scania T-Cab with custom built tipper grab trailer which is part of the RTK Grab Hire fleet, based in Northern England, has been fitted with a JOST Low Maintenance 5th Wheel. The Scania T-Cab, which is no longer manufactured, is an iconic design and the RTK Grab Hire vehicle is one of only a few left hand chassis of its type in the UK, making it one of the rarest commercial vehicles on the road. The 5th wheel offers safe and efficient coupling as well as reduced lubrication requirements to help keep the paintwork as good as new.

With its distinctive bonnet and body length, the Scania T-Cab is one of the most recognisable truck designs of the last 20 years. Despite the production run ending in 2005 the vehicles are still popular with customi-sation enthusiasts. The T-Cab is renowned for its size, including a gen-erous interior, which makes it an ideal platform for creating some truly original bespoke bodywork. RTK Grab Hire has taken the possibilities to new lengths with a left hand chassis T-Cab which came 3rd at Truckstar Festival 2013, Europe's biggest show.